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A facelift is a fairly common procedure that’s often referenced casually as a way of creating a refreshed look. However, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what you can expect with a procedure that’s also referred to as rhytidectomy. One way to accomplish this goal is to visit a facelift clinic in Mission Viejo for an initial consultation to explore your options, ask questions, and realize what can be achieved with this type of cosmetic surgery.

What Can a Facelift Accomplish?

The procedures performed at a facelift clinic in Mission Viejo are intended to remove the visible signs of aging from your face and (sometimes) neck area. For instance, you might be bothered by the appearance of jowls around your jawline and lower cheeks, or you may have deeper, more noticeable folds around your nose and mouth. A facelift could also be beneficial if you are concerned about:

  • Facial sagging
  • Facial fat that has fallen or accumulated in undesirable areas
  • Loose facial/neck skin

Some patients prefer to have complementary procedures when coming to a facelift clinic in Mission Viejo. The most common one is a neck lift, although some individuals opt to have an accompanying brow lift or eyelid surgery to further address age-related concerns.

What Happens with Facelift Prep?

If you are deemed to be a good candidate for surgery, the next step taken at a facelift clinic is preparing you for the procedure. This process typically involves lab work and determining which type of anesthesia is appropriate based on the nature of your procedure. Photos are usually taken as well for reference during surgery and a before-and-after comparison.

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You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss what you hope to accomplish with surgery to ensure that your expectations are realistic. Patients are also usually advised to stop smoking and adjust or temporarily stop taking medications that may contribute to surgery risks.

How Is Surgery Performed at a Facelift Clinic in Mission Viejo?

After anesthesia is administered, strategic incisions are made. With a traditional facelift, the surgical cuts typically start around the hairline by the temple. The incision extends to the ear and continues to the lower part of your scalp. For some patients, the procedure also involves sculpting or redistributing fat in the face and neck area. Underlying facial tissues and deeper muscles may be adjusted as well. Skin is then reapplied (re-draped) over the nearly contoured area and excess skin tissue is removed.

A second cut may be made under the chin if there is a desire to also rejuvenate the neck area. Skin adhesives or sutures are used to close incisions. Following surgery, bandages may be used to minimize swelling and bruising. Lastly, you’ll be given specific care instructions. Your follow-up visit may be scheduled as well before you leave the clinic.

Before you visit a facelift clinic in Mission Viejo, also keep in mind that this type of cosmetic surgery will not stop the natural aging process. On average, results from a facelift last about a decade. You can, however, prolong the results as much as possible by taking precautions such as using proper sunscreen, watching your diet, and avoiding the use of harsh products on your face.

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