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Also referred to as rhytidectomy, a facelift is a procedure that’s done to remove excess fat and improve skin and muscle tightness in the facial area. Supporting facial layers may be elevated as well by a facelift doctor in Mission Viejo. The exact nature of your procedure will depend on what you hope to achieve and what needs to be targeted. You’ll have an opportunity to explore your options during an initial consultation.

Reasons to See a Facelift Doctor

One of the most visible places on your body where the natural aging process is evident is your face. If you are noticing skin on your face that is sagging due to a natural loss of elasticity, a facelift doctor in Mission Viejo can recommend ways to give your face a more youthful and healthy appearance. You may also benefit from a facelift if you are not happy with:

  • Excess lower jawline skin (jowls)
  • Folds around your nose and mouth that are deeper and more defined
  • Cheeks that appear “sunken” because of loose skin

Good Candidates for a Facelift

A facelift doctor in Mission Viejo will perform an initial evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic surgery. Generally, it helps to have facial skin that still has some degree of elasticity. It can also be helpful to have good bone structure and be in good overall health, but be sure to mention any bleeding disorders or skin issues that may need to be kept in mind during surgery. Also, if you are taking certain medications that may increase your bleeding risk, talk to your doctor about temporarily stopping those meds or adjusting them appropriately.

During and After Surgery

A facelift doctor in Mission Viejo normally uses a special marker to clearly identify the areas where incisions will be made during surgery. As far as anesthesia goes, it can be either local or general anesthesia. The determination will be based on the complexity of your procedure.

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Some patients have what’s referred to as a mini-facelift. It’s done with smaller and shorter incisions. You may prefer this option if you are only experiencing minor sagging in certain areas that’s still bothersome enough for you to consider surgery.

A traditional facelift is done with incisions that start around your hairline by your temples and continue to your lower scalp behind your ears. A separate incision is made under the chin if there is a need to also address issues with skin in this area. It typically takes anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete a facelift, although the process may take longer if you are having other cosmetic procedures done at the same time.

While there are potential issues associated with rhytidectomy, a facelift doctor in Mission Viejo normally takes the necessary precautions to increase the odds patients will have a positive experience with their preferred facial rejuvenation procedure. You may also prefer to consider related procedures when having a facelift. Common complementary options include a neck lift and laser resurfacing to address issues with sun/age spots or wrinkles.

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