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A facelift is a procedure designed to literally turn back the hands of time and leave with a more youthful facial appearance. While anyone looking to visit a facelift specialist in Mission Viejo will have their own reasons for doing so, it’s common for patients to hope to address age-related changes that affected their skin. Before you schedule a consultation, take a moment to learn more about what a facelift involves and what a specialist may be able to do for you.

Why See a Facelift Specialist in Mission Viejo?

The skin naturally changes with age as it loses elasticity. The reduction in collagen and other essential skin health proteins contributes to sagging and the accumulation of fat deposits. The most visible place where you are likely to notice the effects of aging is your face. You may benefit from a consultation with a facelift specialist in Mission Viejo if you are also noticing:

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Excess lower jawline (jowls) skin
  • Deepening folds around your nose and mouth

How Do You Prepare for a Facelift?

During your initial consultation, a facelift specialist in Mission Viejo will review your medical history, examine your face, review what medications you are currently taking, and discuss what you hope to accomplish with your desired procedure. You may also be asked to stop taking certain medications that could increase your bleeding risk. The morning of surgery you’ll likely be asked to use a germicidal soap to wash your face to remove excess oils and other substances.

What Happens During and After Surgery?

There are a few different approaches to a facelift procedure, but the general goal is to tighten underlying muscles and tissues by elevating the skin. Fat may also be removed from certain parts of your face to create a smoother appearance. Facial skin is also repositioned as necessary and any excess skin is removed. Stitches or surgical tape is also used to close the incisions.

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With a traditional facelift, incisions are made around your hairline. The cut then extends along the front of the ears and to the lower scalp area. Another approach to a facelift involves making a shorter incision that also starts in the hairline area above the ear. The cut then extends to the front of the ear, but it does not extend to the lower scalp area. Post-surgery care typically involves:

  • Applying cool packs to your face as needed to ease swelling
  • Avoiding strenuous activities and direct sun exposure
  • Taking medication for a brief period of time to ease post-surgery discomfort
  • Going to follow-up appointments so bandages can be removed and the healing process can be tracked

While a facelift can leave you with smoother, more youthful skin, it won’t target fine lines or wrinkles or damage from years of sun exposure. If there are other issues with your skin you wish to address, however, a facelift specialist in Mission Viejo may suggest additional treatments that could be appropriate for you. A procedure called a neck lift (platysmaplasty) is sometimes done when a facelift is performed to resolve issues with sagging neck skin.

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