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A facelift is a kind of cosmetic surgery that’s meant to help a person obtain a younger appearance. While the full results of a facelift don’t last forever, the vast majority of individuals who obtain a facelift will look younger even 5-10 years after the procedure has taken place. If you believe that a facelift procedure would be right for you, it’s important that you know more about this treatment before scheduling it with a facelift surgeon in Mission Viejo.

When to Obtain This Treatment From a Facelift Surgeon in Mission Viejo

A person’s face will inevitably change as they grow older, which occurs because of standard age-related alterations. In most cases, these changes result in the skin becoming looser and less elastic as well as fat deposits decreasing or increasing in certain areas of the face. Some of the age-related problems that could be reduced in severity when you obtain a facelift include extra skin around the lower jawline, extra fat in the neck, a deepening of the skin between the corner of your mouth and your nose, and a sagging appearance with your cheeks.

If you are currently experiencing any of these signs of aging, it’s recommended that you consider obtaining a facelift from a facelift surgeon in Mission Viejo. Keep in mind that a facelift procedure isn’t enough to get rid of sun damage or any superficial wrinkles that are currently on your face.

What Are the Various Facelift Types?

There are three primary facelift types that you can obtain when you make an appointment with a facelift surgeon in Mission Viejo. These facelifts include a traditional facelift, a neck lift, and a limited facelift. A traditional facelift is the most extensive procedure available and is designed to provide comprehensive changes to the face. The incision for a traditional facelift begins around the temples and extends down and behind the ears.

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If you obtain a neck lift, any alterations will occur in the neck and lower face areas. The primary incision will be placed in front of the earlobe before being taken down to the lower scalp. A very small incision may also be positioned under the chin. As for a limited facelift, any redistribution or sculpting of fat will occur in the upper face. The incision usually starts at the hairline before extending down to the bottom of the ear. The procedure can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how much alterations are set to occur.

What You Should Expect From This Treatment

A facelift is designed to help a person appear younger than they currently look. These results can be applied to the neck and the face. It’s important to understand that these results aren’t permanent. Your facial skin may eventually start to sag again. However, a facelift will usually last around 10 years. Keep in mind that the bruising and swelling that come with this treatment should go away in a few weeks after the procedure has been administered. The scars from your incision may take longer to fade.

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