How to Keep Your Plump Pout Looking Better For Longer

Dermal Fillers Beverly Hills CAIf there’s one trend in Hollywood that has everyone talking it’s plump lips. Not only can plump lips make you look younger, but they can make you look sexier in just a few minutes. And although lip injections themselves don’t require any work on your end (other than maintenance) here are a few ways that you can enhance your plump new pout and make it look better for longer.

Invest In a Lip Balm

Because matte lipsticks are so popular right now, we have seen more and more people with dry, chapped lips— especially after getting fillers. Because matte lipsticks are a little more drying, they aren’t doing your lips any favors. Even though that Chanel or YSL lipstick maybe your lips best friend during the night, make sure that you are keeping them hydrated with a hydrating lip balm during the day.

Try a Lip Scrub

Right after you get your lip injections, the last thing you are going to want to do is grab a harsh, abrasive lip scrub and go to town on your new pout. But, after the swelling has gone down and after a long day outside at the beach, use either a homemade or store-bought sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your lips and get off the dry, dead skin.

Keep Them Protected

Even if you spend most of your time indoors during the month of June, riding in your car or walking to and from your car exposes your skin (and lips) to the sun’s damaging rays. To keep your lips healthier, smoother, and looking better all summer long, make sure that you invest in a lip balm that contains an SF.

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