Scar Revision That Even Frankenstein Would be Jealous Of

Scar Revision Beverly Hills, CAIt’s that time of year when you and our kids are dressing up and getting ready to hit just about every Halloween carnival in town. And although you may want to add some Frankenstein-esque scars to your face for Halloween, the last thing you want is to have permanent scars across your face. If you feel like your scars are weighing heavily on your self-esteem and overall appearance, then let Dr. Pollei help you with some scar revision treatments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the scar revision treatments that we offer patients here at our office.


This treatment is used to treat scars that are indented. During this procedure, we will insert a needle into your skin to break up fibers that are attached to the scar and tissue, which helps to raise it up back to the elevation of the surrounding skin; this process also helps promote healing between the connective tissues which smooths and repairs the skin.


This type of surgery is typically referred to as a skin tightening procedure because it involves surgically removing the scar and surrounding damaged tissue from the skin and grafting new skin to restore the overall appearance of the skin.

Punch Evaluation

This type of scar revision treatment is most suitable for certain types of acne scars. By using a punch tool, this procedure removes small quantities of tissue without affecting the nearby skin. This punch tool helps to elevate the base of the scar and make it appear much less pronounced.

Surface Treatments

These types of treatments including chemical peels, skin bleaching, and microdermabrasion which help to tread mild surface irregularities and skin discolorations by gently removing the top few layers of the skin.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are similar to surface treatments because they gently remove the damaged layers of skin on the top. The great thing about laser treatment is that because it’s so precise, it only affects the damaged tissue and not the surrounding tissue.


Dermal fillers can also be used to help fill in depressed scars. Fillers are injected directly into the skin to help restore volume to the scar. The only thing to remember about fillers is that they aren’t permanent and will have to be redone every so often.

Are you ready to learn more about scar revision? Schedule your appointment with Dr. Pollei at our Laguna Niguel or Beverly Hills office and call us at  (949) 305-9912.

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